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what do you call it when batman skips church?

christian bale

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So when the Levi figures went up for pre-order online, I snagged two in the hype, only to discover a friend decided to order one as a gift for me, and that another one is planning on getting the cleaning variant when it comes out. I really don’t need four of them, so I’m giving one figure and some other stuff away!!


  • Levi BRAVE-ACT 1/8 Scale figure by Sentinel, PRE-ORDER ITEM (released January 2014)
  • Green Survey Corps hoodie (Size L, fitted for people who are around 165-173cm tall. Will be slightly baggy on shorter people which is super qt (✿◠‿◠)ノ♡)
  • White Survey Corps headphones


  • Ends noon on Friday, 10th January, 2014 MELBOURNE TIME (GMT +10) Please keep the time difference in mind!
  • Like for one entry, reblog ONLY ONCE for one entry (you get two entries, multiple reblogs do not count)
  • Followers will get one extra entry (three total entries, not mandatory to win. Please don’t feel obligated, but followers get a lil thanks and extra appreciation u feel me?)
  • No giveaway blogs (I will check!!)
  • Winner will be determined by a random number generator
  • In the event that you do win, you must respond to my message within 24 hours, or another winner will be chosen, so keep your ask open!!
  • Items will be shipped WHEN I RECEIVE THE FIGURE (probably not until late-Jan to early-Feb)

Feel free to delete the wall of text, but leave a link to the GIVEAWAY DETAILS

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In which: Joss Whedon fools you into thinking everything is cute and silly and funny

And then rips your heart out and laughs as you sob in a corner at the heartbreaking feels that the finale of this musical gives you ;_;


continues sitting

Every time I get creative…

Or life in general…


continues sitting

Every time I get creative…

Or life in general…

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I don’t use my tablets anymore, so, giveaway time! Both of the tablets are used, but they are in very good condition.  Let’s jump right in.


  • Wacom Bamboo pen & touch 
  • Monoprice  10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

1ST prize winner will choose which tablet they want and the 2nd prize winner receives the other one.


  • you don’t have to follow me
  • you can reblog up to 5 times
  • likes count
  • giveaway will end 26th of January 

Winner will be picked by a random number generator.

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